A big day!

Last summer I couldn't squat snatch to save my life. I went to East Coast Gold's summer weightlifting camp (in Moorestown, NJ) able to power snatch 100kg and when I tried to squat snatch 40kg I fell backwards. 40kg! A bit of a gap between strength and technique, wouldn't you say? Even when I went to the American Open last December I could only do just over 80kg, with marginal consistency, though I posted a 101kg power snatch at the meet.

Two and a half weeks ago, on February 15th, I squat snatched 87kg from the high box while lifting at home with my girlfriend, Christy. I declared to her then and there that I would successfully squat snatch 100kg within four weeks. In response she wrote on my whiteboard (where I keep all my records, meet results, maxes, and rankings) the following: Adam "Diesel" Beytin will squat snatch 100kg by March 14, 2008. I was at the end of my current lifting phase today and had two single rep sets of squat snatch from the high box. Keep in mind that last Monday I set a PR double record for this exercise of 94kg that even eclipsed my best PR single. Today, I did 95kg on my second to last set, and 100kg on my last, meeting my goal with a six kilo PR more than a week and a half before the deadline. Not to mention that it is harder to squat snatch from the high box than it is from the floor. And, I didn't miss a single rep. This busts the door wide open for another 15kg-20kg jump, because even though the squat and power versions of this lift are even for me, I should really be able to do at least 20% more. I see a very high likelihood that my total will be at least 260kg at the next Frederick meet on May 10th, a week before my one year lifting anniversary. That would mean I added 42kg (almost 20%) in my first year!

Oh, and did I mention I jerked 135kg from behind the neck for an easy double?

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