Welcome to my weightlifting page! This is a window into a small portion of my life that I put a lot of time into. I would like to compete at as high a level as I possibly can. My first meet was May last year, 2007, in Frederick, MD. Before lifting I wrestled for the University of Maryland, College Park. Until that meet I coached myself for the most part and wrote my own workouts. At the time able only to power snatch and still learning how to squat clean, I posted a 93kg snatch and a 125kg personal best clean and jerk to total 218kg. Since then I have been training under Leo Totten as a part of team East Coast Gold, learning how to fix my technique and solve all sorts of lingering flexibility issues from my previous athletic pursuits. The work is paying off as my squat snatch is finally within 10kg of my power snatch, my clean and jerk is finally climbing compared to my front squat, and I'm definitely getting stronger.

I hope with this blog that I can give some insight on what it's like to train in this sport and discuss training issues as they come up. I hope also to keep informed everybody who is supporting me; I definitely am indebted to all the positive reinforcement I have received. I hope I can make you all proud!

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