Nagging little injury? No problem!

After doing a very heavy workout as well as a yoga class on Monday last week, the next day you can imagine I was pretty tired. It's been so long since I've last had an injury, so I was a bit overconfident, and I persisted in clean and jerking a difficult weight from the high box, even though my lower back was really tired. Predictably, on the last set I compensated too much and ended up pulling a muscle in my back.

A couple days later and once again I felt healthy. I do several sets of overhead squats with increasingly heavy weights. The second to last set is 110kg: a weight I've only done once before, and that was the week before. Heavy, but no problem. I try to jump to 115kg for a five kilo PR, and find I can't even get stable standing straight up. I miss it: twice. After the second time, I know I hurt my back again. Crap. After a set of RDLs, I attempt to do really heavy front squats, but I can't even do the first set with the pain. Double crap.

Unfortunately this can be a part of any sport, and sometimes the only solution is rest. But nobody wants to hear that... I'm currently on a combination of rest, ice, heat, and anti-inflammatories, and I've had three workouts so far without pulling it again. I can tell it's not quite healed, though, so wish me luck...

But just because I'm hurt doesn't mean I can't set PRs; I back-squatted 203kg for a double earlier tonight!

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