Patience and weightlifters go together like whipped cream and shit

If you'll excuse the simile, dealing with waiting is not the strong suit of most lifters I know, very much including myself. Rather than go into detail, let's just say that we lifters aren't exactly the cream in the expression. You can also blame Leo for the poor choice of words in the title for telling us "you can't polish a turd!"

Really, I do have a point to get across. I'm all excited because I just hit some good front and back squat PR triples for the first time since 2007. It's not because I had no room for improvement, rather that we didn't focus on overall strength. And my PRs are more significant than the numbers indicate because I wasn't actually testing and for one reason or another could clearly have done more weight. But I'm still a month out from the next competition and two months out from Nationals. Even Leo seems to be daydreaming about the weights I could potentially do on the platform. Not to mention that my power clean has increased and would likely be even higher if I actually tested it. If you read my post about the numbers game, you'll know I can get rather... verbose about the subject. But Tommy Kono did say that if you can front squat it for a triple (I did 171kg today) you should be able to clean and jerk it. Or something like that.

Anyway, my blog is as good a place as any to vent my frustration with not being patient. My guess is that you know the feeling, so with any luck you'll feel empathy for me!

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