Another pulled muscle..

I managed to pull a muscle in my back again :-/. This time it's on the right side of my lower back in a place that's much more central to everyday things like, say, walking and standing. So I'm pretty much laid up on the couch for the day with an ice pack and some Advil. It happened while front squatting: I let up on the tightness in my core for a moment, causing me to wobble, at which point I heard a small popping noise down in my back. I finished the set and put the bar back, but I could tell I had done a little damage so I stopped for the day. Not surprisingly, after icing it after the workout it stiffened up quite a bit. I'll fall behind a bit, but I can make that up like I made up my workouts the last time. I'm most annoyed that I didn't get to do my last set; I was going to attempt a PR double at 17x kg.

Actually, like the last time, this happened in the last week of the cycle when I was supposed to be doing 95% of my maximums. Earlier in the workout I had clean and jerked heavy from below the knees and then did heavy clean pulls, both of which require a LOT from the lower back. I must have tired it out too much to do those squats. Perhaps I should modify my strategy during those weeks by either shortening the workouts or putting more rest in between them.

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